Why braces?


The number one reason most patients choose to straighten their teeth is appearance. Orthodontic treatment not only improve the appearance of your teeth, it improves tooth alignment and occlusion, decreasing the risk of dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and TMD.

Orthodontic treatment is minimally invasive and with new techniques and technologies, there are many different treatment options.

Fastbraces® and Six Month Smiles® are brackets and wires systems that provide rapid tooth movement. Fastbraces® uses a patented triangular brackets and a square super-elastic nickel-titanium wires. Six Month Smiles® uses clear brackets and tooth colored round nickel-titanium wires.

Invisalign® and MTM® are clear aligner systems. Invisalign® requires tooth colored attachments to ensure the right forces are placed in the right places to move the teeth. MTM®  use “open pathways” (blocked-out areas) and “force points” (pressure points) but no attachments.

Why did I as a general dentist decided over 5 years ago to offer my patients orthodontic treatment? Not everyone has the financial means to obtain their desired smile through comprehensive orthodontic treatment or cosmetic dental procedures. I wanted to give my patients an affordable and attainable alternative. Everyone deserves a healthy, RADIANT smile.